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                --To be completed by the Engineering Project Lead and forwarded to Application Support--

                AUTHOR SECTION

                CEAF # (ddmmyy-x): CEAF20130207-2.

                CEAF Type (Check one)    _ CEAF X Change Notification    Awareness

                Technical Configuration(s) (Engine Family) Affected: D193103GX03 (all QSK19 PG ratings)

                Market(s) Impacted: PowerGen/G-Drive

                Anticipated (Cummins) Production Date (mm/yy): April, 2013 Option(s) Affected: See the options listed in the table below.

                (Check all that apply.)    New option(s)

                  Existing option(s) being revised.

                  New option(s) being released & existing option(s) being obsoleted.

                X New option(s) being released & existing option(s) being superseded/obsoleted.

                  Option(s) being superseded &/or obsoleted.

                Description & Reason for Proposed Design Change: All G-Drive/PowerGen QSK19 products with MCRS fuel system will be transitioning to new C3 injectors and associated hardware. This is being introduced as a continuous product improvement over C2. Currently QSK19-G2 and QSK19-G3 with C2.0 injectors are restricted in COLS and NOT available for production anymore and are replaced by new C3.0 ratings: QSK19-G4 and G5. Please refer to the new FR/DO/GDRV/PRIC specs associated to the new C3.0 ratings in the table below. The change will require creating new engine specs for C3.0 ratings.

                Please note, new C3.0 ratings will be Tier 2 certified per EPA NSPS, however, currently C3.0 PRIC spec includes a noncertified data plate option (AP) for now. AP options to cover EPA Tier 2 NSPS @Stationary Emergency and TPEMT4i (noncert) are being released for use with new Q19 C3.0 ratings. Customers need to make sure they update their COLS spec/SO with the appropriate AP option within the SO update window before the engine build date.

                Please refer to QSK19 PG page on GCE for new tech publications of Q19 C3.0 PG products (engine data sheet, emissions sheets, wiring diagram CM2150, engine installation dwg etc).


                C2.0 ratings are no longer in production and will be obsolete. QSK19 Power Gen Ratings (D193103GX03)


                Author: AHM (Nur) Nuruzzaman.

                Phone No.: 812-657-1608.


                Date Submitted to Appl. Support: O7Feb2013.

                以上所有的数据都是基于ISO 3046标准参考的条件—海拔110m(361ft),大气压力100kPa(29.53inHg),进气温度25℃ (77°F),相对湿度30%,使用标准No.2号柴油或符合ASTM D975的柴油。
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